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Welcome to Mutant Mic's! The only place to get your custom dream mic. Each one of these red buttons to the left are another page, so check all of them, there are two hidden pages at the top of the VIP page, see if you can find them? Thats where customers pics are! Please check the FAQ / Prices (Frequently Asked Questions) before you contact me...Thank You...
If you want to place an order or just ask a question feel free to contact me at
whoizitcc69@aol.com, I usually answer within a few hours. You will have to copy and paste that in your own email.

Dear Customers, I am as March 3rd 2019 I'm still taking orders. I do have a waiting list of around 10 to 15 mics at the moment so get on the books months in advance if you want the mic for a birthday gift or Christmas gift!! Thanks for your support!

What are Mutant Mics?

So you found me and are wondering what exactly is Mutant Mics and what can I do for you? Well basically I'm the Orange County Choppers of the microphone industry. My specialty is taking vintage mics or vintage style microphones, and installing modern mic elements to make them sound as good as they look. Then add custom paint, chrome, Theme designs, custom screens, and custom lights to make your mic one of a kind. Some of the vintage mics I have converted and that I specialize in are the Shure 55's, all makes and models, new and old, fat and skinny, EV or electrovoice, Turner mics, Calrads, Stromberg Carlson, Dukane, Unidyne, Astatic, and Lafayette, just to name a few. But the real story is what I can put on the inside of them and make them sound great. SM58's, Beta 58, Beta 87, KSM9, and my own version of the R115 element. Which is the element in the 55Sh2 that needs help. Also for you Super 55 fans who thought you were buying the baddest mic on the market, I also modify them to make them better. Nobody on the planet does what I do, or loves what I do as much as me. Being I love it so much, I don't charge like Dealers. In most cases, I can convert a mic to fit in your vintage mic for the same price you can buy it at the dealer stock.. So look through my pages and see all of the things I can offer. Don't forget to visit my Customers Pics page at the top of the VIP page..

Mutant Mic's mailing address is as follows, if you are ready to send one of your mic's to be upgraded or restored, this address is also on my "FAQ / PRICES" page and my "CONTACT ME" page.

Mutant Mics
Atten: Chris Curry
4732 Dominion rd.
Fayetteville NC 28306


Mic of the Month is the most detailed and hardest mic I have built to date. My customer of a long time MARKUS5 PRODUCTIONS sent me 3 pictures of colors, style and a theme, He wanted of a air ship type mic, and told me to run with it. Needless to say its the most unique mic I have ever built. He sent me a Super 55, and the first thing I did was ditch the front grill which was too flat for my design. I used another 55 back grill and hand filed each rib and logo hole to make it look more like the front grill but rounded. I did the steampunk separation style with gears and props, then added to real model airplane engines and mufflers. I had to rebuild each one to make them opposite of each other, and made turbo prop stye engines. I wired everything to light up. even added a feature of lighted tubes. To me it looks straight out of a Transformer movie or out of Tron.

Mic of the month continued.

Mic of the month continued.

Mic of the month continued.

Thanks again to Sully Erna of Godsmack for reaching out to me and having me build him these two beauties. Also for his words that got me back into building mics again.

As you can see this one has a few more things that the last two steampunk mics did not. This one has the switch handle with a push on and off. It is copper plated and the whole mic has been clear powder coated to keep it from tarnishing. It also has the added Darth Maul spikes around the top. it is up for grabs again on my Mics 4 sale page..

As you know my lighted version mics came out in Feb of '09 and I made the prediction then that they would make it to an MTV video before two years. Well I'm very happy to say I have had four make it in less than a year and a half. Now I have 6 in videos that I know of. I have a few customers in production companies that own around 20 of my mics and they rent them out to video shoots, bands, and videos.  So with that said, here are the links so you can check them out..

This video is my favorite of the four, being the mic is shown all the way through it.  It is a brushed 55 (no switch) with the the soft white LED's with white screen, and quick release to be able to pull the mic off the stand without screwing.

OneRepublic - All the Right Moves http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qrOeGCJdZe4

Here is the second video, and its only in the first 15 secs. This is an old vintage 556 with the red LED's with black screen.  As you can see, unfortunately if you look close it has a bulb out on the lower left of the screen. Which brings me to my new design I was talking about, so please read the next paragraph if you are thinking about getting a lighted mic.

Birdman, feat: Drake and Lil Wayne - 4 My Town 


Sterling Knight in the Disney Video for the movie Startstruck


Just a note, if this mic looks familiar it should. It is the same mic from the OneRepublic video. Its amazing the way video production can change the color of the lights slightly. But I promise you they are the same mic.

Brooks and Dunn Hillbilly Deluxe


Wow! Welcome the first country side of the videos to be in the Mutant Mics family. This mic actually is a chrome version Sh2 body that was upgraded and lighted in soft white.


Now for the new LED upgrade I was talking about. As you can see in the picture above, the left bottom light is out. Well there are a total of 8 lights in my new light kits. Yes, from time to time I will have a customer that has an LED go out, it's not often but it can happen. They would have to send it back to me to get repaired or replaced, and 9 times out of 10 it was a bulb.  Yes they are LED's people, but they are wired in a way that if any go out it will affect the sound of the mic. So either they all have to be on or the phantom will have to be turned off and you can continue the show without the lights and the mic will still work. It doesn't happen often, that's for sure. They are LED's that are rated at 100,000 hours, but it could happen. My new design allows you to change the bulb in a matter of minutes by yourself. You basically take the old bulb, pull it out, and put a new one in like a plug in a wall. All the new lighted mics have this ability.  You can buy the LED's just about anywhere in the world, and cut them down to fit yourself very very cheap. Why did I say that? Because it's really expensive for my customers over seas or in Canada to ship their mics to me for repairs, or for me to ship the mic back. You can also change the color of your mic lights in a matter of minutes. Lets say your mic was lighted green and it matched your band, but your new band has a theme of red...No problem, you open it up and change all the bulbs to red!   This is a new major break through and will make maintenance so much simpler and cheaper!!!!

Choose chrome plated mics for 160.00 more!

Yes that's right! I now offer lighted functional 55 hybrids! The only ones in the world!

  And yes, I  can even build and upgrade a Super 55, even have a screen color the same as what comes stock. This is actually one of my screens that are see through for the lights. As you can see the new Super 55 has blue "S" logo. If I designed this mic the Super 55 "S" logo would have been yellow and red.. THINK ABOUT IT! Super 55.. S on the grill.. "Superman Silly!!. Damn I should be working for Shure! And yes, if you want a switch added to your Super 55 I can do that also, But it will be 12.00 extra..

You can choose any color light I have in stock. Check out "What I can do" page and you can see all the colors. I actually have just about any color you can think of now.

If you are wondering about this "Red Devil", well this is one of my customs. As you can see it has the mesh screen with black silk.                                   

If you have an interest in a product, or just a technical question, or even wiring help, or want me to build something simply check my FAQ page first.  If the answer you are looking for is not there, simply email me at whoizitcc69@aol.com.   Even though I only sell genuine Shure products, I am not in anyway affiliated with Shure Inc.  I do all my own warranty work, and give a two year warranty on my products just like Shure!