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My specialty is taking vintage mics or vintage style microphones, and installing modern mic elements to make them sound as good as they look. Then add custom paint, chrome, Theme designs, custom screens, and custom lights to make your mic one of a kind.

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Free stuff, designs, and services i offer, and things for sale.

I offer all the following for free. Honesty, advice on mics, free answering of questions. Directions to find parts if I don’t have them. Good advice on these mics. Design and theme ideas for your on custom design, Wiring diagrams or where to find them instantly (not on light). Free shipping on any completed mic order in the US with free two year warranty.

I also offer free installs on any element you buy from me you want added to your existing shell. Last but not least I can do computer drawings to show you what your mic may look like before I do it.. So you have no worries about how it will turn out. Hope this helps! Thanks

Mic of the month

Mic of the Month is this beautiful Custom Shure Stratoliner. It has a Shure 58 beta element, with Warm white lights. The top and bottom were done in transparent copper over Chrome. The ribs were cut out in a design I made and cut myself to allow this mic to become a vocal microphone with out the hollow sound of the original style.

Mic's I've built, in Music Videos with Stars

I have a few customers in production companies that own around 20 of my mics and they
rent them out to video shoots, bands, and videos.

OneRepublic - All the Right Moves

This video is my favorite of the four, being the mic is shown all the way through it. It is a brushed 55 (no switch) with the the soft white LED's with white screen, and quick release to be able to pull the mic off the stand without screwing.

Birdman, feat: Drake and Lil Wayne - 4 My Town

Here is the second video, and its only in the first 15 secs. This is an old vintage 556 with the red LED's with black screen. As you can see, unfortunately if you look close it has a bulb out on the lower left of the screen. Which brings me to my new design I was talking about, so please read the next paragraph if you are thinking about getting a lighted mic.

Godsmack - 1000hp

Just a note, if this mic looks familiar it should. It is the same mic from the OneRepublic video. Its amazing the way video production can change the color of the lights slightly. But I promise you they are the same mic.

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